The INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners (ICTP) is a peak international professional body for practitioners in traditional urban design, architecture, and the building arts who have produced a sustained output of traditional work of the highest quality over at least five years of practice. Full details of our current members are at the bottom of this page.

ICTP membership is limited to practitioners of the highest standard in the academic, professional, artistic, trade, craft, and practical activities concerned with building, architecture, and urbanism that support the objectives of INTBAU. Members of ICTP need to have produced a sustained output of traditional work of the highest quality over at least 5 years of practice.

Entry to the ICTP is subject to quality assessment by a consistent international Entry Committee, drawn from members of the College of Chapters and the ICTP. If you believe that you are eligible to apply to join the ICTP, take a look at our Become a Member page. Application is by form, submission of portfolio, and payment of a non-refundable examination fee.



We have also introduced a category of professional membership for young practitioners who do not yet have the required five years of experience for membership of the ICTP. Membership of the INTBAU Young Practitioners (IYP) is open to individuals at the beginning of a career in traditional architecture, urban design, or the building arts. Further information is available by contacting us. Please visit contact INTBAU.

Entry Committee

The Entry Committee meets regularly to establish a common standard and consistent criteria. A member of the Entry Committee, the ICTP, or an appropriate referee may visit selected buildings submitted for assessment, and the assessment process is documented and audited. The Entry Committee as it stands is currently is made up of Dr Tomasz Jeleński, María Sánchez, Robbie Kerr and Christine Franck.

Dr Tomasz Jeleński is chair of INTBAU Poland and Secretary of the INTBAU College of Chapters. Tomasz is also Assistant Professor and Director of the International Centre of Education at Cracow University of Technology (CUT). Dr Jeleński is an experienced scholar and founder and director of the postgraduate programme in Urban Management at CUT, as well as the author of several publications on Sustainable Urbanism.

Robbie Kerr is an architect and a Director at ADAM Architecture. Robbie Kerr trained at Edinburgh University and Oxford Brookes before qualifying with Distinction from University College London in 2013. Robbie is also an INTBAU professional member.

Christine Franck is an architect, educator, and author living in Denver, Colorado. Her architectural and design work ranges from award-winning houses to preservation, landscape, and decorative projects. In addition, she teaches, lectures, and writes on the topics of architectural design, contemporary and historic Classical architecture, and American domestic architecture. Christine is also chair of INTBAU USA.

María Sánchez is an architect and urban planner whose practice, Estudio Urbano, she runs with her husband, Pedro Godoy. The firm has collaborated with Leon Krier on master plans for new cities including Ciudad Cayalá, Guatemala, and Herencia de Allende, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. María is a member of the School of Architecture’s Advisory Council at The University of Notre Dame and is also an INTBAU professional member.