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Steven Hendricks


Born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, Steven Hendricks now resides in Kempton, Pennsylvania.  Steve pursued his education at Bryn Athyn College, Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy in 1977.

After several years of working as a carpenter, Steve formed his own company, Hendricks Woodworking. The business specialised in work other carpenters were hesitant to take on: stairways, curved moldings, architectural doors, etc. Steve soon realised that entryways and challenging joinery were a niche he could study and perfect. The company name was then changed to Historic Doors.

As Historic Doors grew, the complexity of the projects increased. Steve sought answers from precedent found in traditional architecture. He continued his formal learning through classes at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and received a certificate in Classical Architecture from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA).

In 1996, Steve authored “Historic American Doors: Drawings from the Historic American Building Survey”, a published compilation of measured drawings from HABS or HAER Collection.

As Steve’s knowledge deepened, he sought to share it with others. Through the years he taught professional workshops and college courses, as well as various curricula to high school students.  Some of the subjects included the following: “Designing Passageways and Portals: Moldings, Doors and Windows”, “The Art and Craft of Wooden Doors and Entryways” “Building Craft: Wooden Doors and Entryways”  “Sacred Geometry” and “Sacred Geometry and the Holy City”.

The company was established forty two years ago, and is now a thriving family business. Historic Doors designs and fabricates wood doors and traditional joinery for universities, prominent buildings and residences throughout the country. It is a custom door shop known for quality and craftsmanship. Historic Doors has been honored to receive the prestigious Palladio Special Award for Craftsmanship in 2016 and the Trumbauer Award for Architectural Arts and Craftsmanship in 2022. Both were for the Chara Aurora Cooper Haas Pipe Organ Façade.

Steve’s belief that beauty is objective and can manifest in the built environment has inspired his business and continued learning about the nature of Order.  He believes through the study of traditional architecture, proportion and quadrivial geometry, Order in nature can be reflected in what is built, and can in turn, inspire the human spirit.  The company recognises the sweet spot of a project is found in the harmonious union of design and craftsmanship, contributing to the timeless tradition of beauty.




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