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Traditional knowledge offers a wealth of long-tested solutions to modern problems of the built environment, but much of the necessary knowledge has been either lost or overlooked by recent generations of architects and urbanists, as traditional design and crafts are only included in the curricula of a tiny minority of architecture schools around the world.

To increase awareness of the critical role building traditions must play in securing a better built future for people and planet, significantly more opportunities and programmes are needed to reach more students and practitioners, alongside engagement with schools, colleges, and practices.

Each year, INTBAU delivers workshops, summer schools, conferences, study tours, and online seminars for a diverse international audience. Our programmes allow students and practitioners to increase their knowledge, which in turn helps shape their work as designers on behalf of both people and the planet. Read the recap of the INTBAU Summer Schools that took place in 2023, and the feedback from alumni.

In 2024, INTBAU is pleased to continue offering summer schools in traditional architecture and crafts across various countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Australia. Additionally, we are excited to announce the remarkable establishment of two new programmes in Mexico and France.

2024 INTBAU Summer schools in Traditional Architecture, Building, Crafts, and Urbanism

Registrations now open.

Our programmes a wide range of topics and activities, spanning from lectures and round tables on traditional construction techniques and styles, natural materials, urbanism, and aesthetics, to site visits, studio practice and hands-on workshops on drawing, stone carving, carpentry, ironwork, tile making, brick masonry, and more, guided by leading architects, crafts masters, academics, and urbanists from around the world.

Summer School for Architecture Students in Traditional Architecture and Building Techniques

By INTBAU Norway

This programme is an extension of the successful European summer school model, now brought to Norway by the local INTBAU chapter. Food, accommodation and courses free.

To apply, please send email to

‘Let’s Build a Beautiful City’ Summer School

By INTBAU Netherlands

In an era marked by housing crises, environmental vulnerability, and the looming threat of climate change, it’s imperative to rethink our approach to city-building. The school aims to address today´s challenges by reintroducing livable urban design and traditional building knowledge. Its mission is to create more attractive, livable spaces where people can thrive, fostering a deeper connection between communities and their built environment.

Visit the school’s official website.

Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts

By La Table Ronde de l’Architecture, host to INTBAU Belgium

Participants will discover the rigour of drawing by hand using the rules of composition. You will exercise your eyes and your judgement on ancient architectural forms and discover their constructive qualities. Using the city of Bruges as a resource, you will observe, measure, and draw its streets and building elements that over the centuries have made it an inspiring example of a beautiful, humane and durable place to live.

Visit the school’s official website.

The Alsace Summer School of Architecture & Crafts

By La Table Ronde de l’Architecture, host to INTBAU Belgium, in collaboration with INTBAU Germany and INTBAU France

Established in 2024. Building on the success in Bruges, the Alsace Summer School is conceived to be a dynamic platform and a centre of excellence in the field of architecture and crafts.

Visit the school’s official website.

Spain & Portugal Traditional Architecture Summer School

By the Traditional Building Cultures Foundation in collaboration with INTBAU Spain and INTBAU Portugal

Established in 2014, this school aims to disseminate the best practice and notable experiences of new traditional architecture at the intersection with sustainable development and heritage preservation of the Iberian Peninsula, integrating each region’s cultural legacy and the materials and knowledge that have allowed the creation of beautiful and sustainable places and buildings.

Visit the school’s official website.

Enduring Design Masterclass

By the University of Queensland and the Prince’s Trust Australia, host to INTBAU Australia

An intensive accredited Masters-level programme to provide built environment students, apprentices and professionals with a practical understanding of traditional building techniques and knowledge: from traditional trades and drawing skills to Indigenous perspectives and enduring design philosophies. The programme reconnects participants with the time-tested, enduring design traditions to create valuable stores of knowledge for how to build well; both for today and for all ages.

Visit the school’s official website.

Summer School of Traditional Architecture and Urbanism of Mexico

By INTBAU Mexico

The programme aims to address the shortcomings of contemporary architecture and urban planning in Mexico by focusing on local traditions and sustainable practices. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will learn to design affordable housing solutions that meet the needs of communities, employ carbon-neutral building techniques, develop models for sustainable urban growth, and implement protective measures for vulnerable UNESCO heritage sites.

Visit the school’s official website.

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