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Stephen Villiers


Creating new places for people to live is a challenge that Stephen Villiers has been engaged with throughout his career. From creating homes for people on the remote island of Rathlin, to new Gentleman Residences within Country Estates, to working within and on the peripheries of the challenging and unique sectarian Northern Irish housing estates, each aspect of creating architecture that is both a home and responds to its immediate environment is varied and is challenged constantly.

The combination of a hands-on approach that instils quality of materials and execution with an acute appreciation of context in terms of history, meaning, and symbolism has led to the creation of a number of refined environments people choose to live in.

Stephen is a partner in Alan Patterson Design, a practice that has been at the forefront of both one-off private houses and large-scale housing developments for nearly 20 years. The practice‚ knowledge and insight of the Planning System and statutory requirements to deliver housing schemes at a scale of up to 2,000 houses has ensured that the practice has retained its market position throughout its existence.

Stephen has been practising as an architect in Northern Ireland since 1996, having qualified from Canterbury College of Art and the University of Liverpool. The practice is run on a mentorship basis, aligned with the belief that the creation of architectural environments involves all those in the project team understanding the importance of a project’s aspiration and the individual’s role in its realisation.

Current workload is taking Stephen to projects in England and Scotland as well as continuing to work throughout the island of Ireland.

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Stephen Villiers
Alan Patterson Design LLP
Darragh House
112 Craigdarragh Road
Helen’s Bay
Co. Down
BT19 1UB

T: 02891 852582
F: 02891 853448