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Nadia Everard


Nadia Naty Everard is a Belgian young practitioner of traditional architecture. Nadia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in architecture at La Cambre-Horta in Brussels. She then went on to study for a Masters in London at the Sir John Cass School of Art and Architecture, graduating in 2020.

During her Bachelors, Nadia worked at Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne (AAM) where she became better acquainted with the varied architectural styles and traditions in Belgium. She also secured an internship with one of the last stained glass artisans in the city. In the summer of 2019, Nadia also participated in the Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture.

Nadia has gone on to inspire many others through starting educational initiatives of her own. Nadia now balances her job at Colum Mulhern Architects with the running of a forum, La Table Ronde, which she founded with Noé Morin in July 2020. This group provides young enthusiasts and professionals with a space to discuss issues pertaining to the built environment in Belgium, focusing on topics such as sustainability, beauty, well-being, harmony between architecture and nature, with the end goal being to change prevailing attitudes in Brussels that favour modernist design.