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Evgeny Gerasimov


Evgeny Gerasimov is a Russian architect born in 1960 and one of the country’s most successful living architects. He studied at Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering, a highly respected public high school in the Soviet Union. After graduation in 1983 Gerasimov continued to progress in his career in one of the biggest soviet research and development and design institutes ‘LenNIIProject’. In 1991 he began his own architectural business and succeeded. Evgeny Gerasimov is an Honoured Architect of Russia, member of the Russian Union of Architects, corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture, a subsidiary in Moscow (MAAM) and member of the Planning Council of St. Petersburg.


The company started as a tiny design studio with just two architects as core staff. Later the other two partners – Zoya Petrova and Victor Khivrich – joined the team.

Today ‘Evgeny Gerasimov and partners’ Ltd is a byword in its field owing most of its fame to a number of socially significant large-scale projects, such as the administrative and business complex ‘Nevskaya Ratusha’, the exhibition centre ‘ExpoForum’, the impressive business complex ‘Saint-Petersburg Plaza’ centering around the truley eyecatching – multi-storey tower occupied by the ‘Bank Saint Petersburg’ Ltd.

Among the other successful designs enjoying the universal acclaim are the hotel in Ostrovsky Square, the Jewish Community House, the modern building blocks in Nevsky Avenue, several residential complexes on Krestovskiy and Kamenny Islands, namely, ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Stella Maris’, ‘The Green Island’ and the ‘House at the Seaside’. Many of the projects mentioned above were realized in close cooperation with Sergey Tchoban and his workshop.

Years of fruitful production have brought about numerous prizes, diplomas and awards, both local and international, granted for professional achievement in architecture and culture. Among those who have given ‘Evgeny Gerasimov and partners’ Ltd the credit for their work are, to mention a few, The Architecture Awards Festival, ‘Architekton’, the ‘House of the Year’ Contest, the ‘High-Standard Architecture’, the International Association of the Architect Unions, the International Club of Saint-Peterburgians and The International Property Awards, London.

Traditional architecture is one of the main directions that are developed in bureau: hotel in Ostrovsky square, residential house ‘Venice’ and ‘Pobedy, 5’. One of the projects received the International Architecture Award in Chicago.

Evgeny’s most recent project is Art View House in Saint Petersburg, a striking Neoclassical residential development complete with underground parking. The building echos the architectural style that is typical of the historical center and it is also heavily influenced by the surrounding buildings that have developed around the Kryukov Canal, the Mariinsky Theatre and New Holland. The facade decoration involves the use of natural stone and modern materials for the adorning elements in the form of well thought-out rustics, rods, cornices, balustrades and bas-reliefs.

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