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Louis-Joseph Lamborot


Louis-Joseph Lamborot was born into a family which has been working stone since the 19th century. The expertise of quarrymen, stonemasons and engravers has been passed down the generations since his great-grandfather Jean-Marie Lamborot who opened his workshop in Burgundy in 1856. At the age of just twelve Louis-Joseph already knew he would pursue the family vocation.


With a professional qualification from Les Marcs d’Or College in Dijon, he joined Saint Lambert College which specializes in teaching students to restore historical monuments. Graduating with top honors, the young craftsman joined Chevalier company where he stayed for over thirty years, working on restoration projects for some of France’s grandest buildings: the Louvre, Les Invalides, Val-de-Grâce Military Hospital, Chartres Cathedral, the Jacobin Convent in Toulouse, Versailles Castle and many more. The exceptional restoration of the Hôtel de Beauvais in Paris earned him the prestigious decoration of a Knighthood of the Order of Arts and Letters in France.

In 2007, Louis-Joseph has found his own stonemasonry workshop, first called 3D Pierre, then Heres, evoking both the legacy of a business and that of a tradition and an expertise. Based in Paris, Heres specializes in conception and realization of classic style solid stone facades. Thanks to an unique 3D modeling technique and century-old craftsmanship know-how, the workshop empowers architects and builders to achieve projects from drawings to stonemasonry construction. Heres projects, refines, draws, models, drafts, carves and makes any construction in solid stone possible: structural, decorative, sculptural, monumental.
Heres designs to control costs and approaches the works with its digital machines, however every decorative element is hand finished by its sculptors. Today the workshop has a numerous number of projects all over the world.

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