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Karim Hamouie


Karim Hamouié is a British-Lebanese architect and associate at Mimar Hamouié. He received his diploma in architecture from the American University of Beirut in 2018 and has since been working under the guidance of his father Mohamad Hamouié.

At an early age, Karim inherited a fascination for traditional architecture by observing his father’s work and traveling to diverse and culturally rich locations. He represents a new generation brought up with the understanding of progress and continuity within tradition.

The works of Mimar Hamouié are a result of a sensitivity to history and local context, an understanding of typological planning and design, conservation and innovation within traditional building techniques and the preservation and adaptability of traditional craftsmanship.

At Mimar Hamouié, Karim has collaborated on a variety of project types including residential, sacred, mixed use, commercial, monument restoration, urban regeneration and urban development projects. He has overseen projects at all phases of execution, from early design conception to shop-drawings and finishes.

Karim has contributed to the publication of the works of Mimar Hamouié in several journals associated with the traditional building practice, such as the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, The Archives of New Traditional Architecture, and the Stoa Magazine.

He has also assisted his father with several international lectures and courses at the Lebanese American University, including Regional Architecture and Urban Regeneration in Historic Sites.

Currently, Karim is involved and coordinating the activities of the recently established INTBAU Levant chapter. The chapter aims to set the grounds for the advocacy of a contemporary revival of traditional building, architecture and urbanism in the Levantine region. 


Email: karim@mimarworkshop.coml;

Tel: +961 3 01 5544

Instagram: @karimhamouie