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The INTBAU Poland Chapter was established in 2008 to celebrate and develop Poland’s built traditions. It was institutionalised in 2016, when the INTBAU Poland Association was founded as a national NGO, acting to promote the general principles of INTBAU’s Charter and encourage the study, conservation, and new construction of traditional architecture and urbanism in Poland.

Through an extensive network of practitioners, academics, supporters and authorities, INTBAU Poland aims to raise public awareness and make substantial changes in education, policy, and best practice towards a more holistic vision concerning built human habitats that are beautiful, livable, peaceful, as well as ecologically and culturally sustainable.

To achieve that, INTBAU Poland:
– provides information and various research and educational programmes with a use of public participatory tools, as well as facilitates contacts and the exchange of ideas and information between people and institutions interested and engaged in promoting INTBAU’s objectives;
– acts as an intermediary between various actors and agencies involved in the processes of education, research, design and development, to adopt an integrated strategic approach towards the enhancement of traditional built environments, as well as the active role of traditions in new urban and architectural developments.

Chapter Chair and ICC Represtative – Tomasz Jelenski
Board Members – Andrzej Kutiak and Roman Sebastyanski