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Alexander Stoddart


Alexander Stoddart is a Scottish sculptor, born in Edinburgh in 1959. Mr. Stoddart has been making sculpture and statuary in Paisley, Scotland, for over 20 years.  He attended Glasgow School of Art from 1976-1980 and afterwards entered post-graduated studies at Glasgow University from 1980-1983.


Alexander Stoddart began his work as a sculptor in Paisley in 1983, working for private clients in a studio located in Fulbar Road, since demolished.  In 1986, he moved to the present studio and commenced the task of working on the heroic and colossal scales. Mr. Stoddart has developed an aptitude for the forms of statuary rather than those merely of sculpture.

At the middle of 80’s, Alexander Stoddart decided to work for public purposes and to become a monument builder. The first architectural sculptures were delivered in 1989.  A few years later he started to work as an architectural consultant.  In 2002, Mr. Stoddart completed a schema for the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Mr. Stoddart’s works are in his native style of neo-classicism, periodically turning to Heroic Realism for the purposes of historical monuments and symbolic portraiture.  His work falls into three main categories: satirical, monumental and ‘works of fancy’ (as termed in the 19th century).  Broadly, the first category most commonly visits the architectural decoration schema, the second the statuary and bust portraiture, whilst the third embraces the free and purposeless works of pure and redundant perceptualism.

Mr. Stoddart has written extensively on the philosophy of aesthetics and published many articles. He had broadcast regularly on radio and television and increased his journalistic work. He returned increasingly to musical composition as a foil to visual production.

In 1998 Alexander Stoddart was awarded a University Doctorate from University of Paisley and in 2001 was honoured with the Arthur Ross Award of Classical America for Public Statuary.

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