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Jan Maciag


Jan Maciag RIBA BA (Hons), BArch (Toronto) is the principal of Jan Maciag Architects. The practice, started in 1995, is focused on utilising the techniques and methods of traditional design to address contemporary concerns and sensibilities. The practice is based on the firm premise that traditional design is valid, timeless and practical.


Jan studied architecture in London and Toronto. He gained his early professional experience in commercial practices in Canada and London before spending his formative years as assistant to Leon Krier and Quinlan Terry. With Leon Krier, he worked on the masterplan for Spitalfields, London. While working for Quinlan Terry, Jan was chiefly involved in the rebuilding of Brentwood RC Cathedral. His involvement with the traditionalist revival is long and includes his participation as an organizer of the ‘Real Architecture’ exhibition in 1987. He is also the past chairman of the RIBA Traditional Architecture Group and has been a visiting design tutor at the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

Jan’s work and practice seeks to offer a realistic alternative to those clients who appreciate the value of good construction and of the many benefits of building in a traditional manner. Intrinsic to this is a belief that traditional architecture has a proven quality that will endure the test of time and passing fashion. Traditional architecture also offers a rich back catalogue of ideas that lure us into discovering what matters most.

Much of the work involves the practical repair of existing buildings or the insertion of new buildings in historically sensitive locations. In all cases, however, the aim is to design and build in a manner that is invisible and anonymous.

Jan is based in Peterborough but regularly works in Yorkshire and Norfolk as well as on projects in Devon, Dorset and London. He has been a member of the RIBA since 1989.

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