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Jan Larsson


Jan Larsson is the CEO and owner of Stuckbema, a Swedish company based in Rosersberg outside Stockholm. The company specialises in decorative plasterwork: specifically plaster stucco with gypsum, often with fiberglass reinforcement. Stuckbema is the largest plasterwork company in Scandinavia to specialise in the stucco technique.

Stuckbema also has a great deal of experience in providing expert advice and consultancy services for the conservation and renovation of stucco in heritage buildings. Stuckbema also specialise in bespoke work for new buildings, often incorporating acoustic solutions with BASWA and STO suspended ceilings.


Jan took over the company in January 2018, and has continued to successfully build upon the work of his predecessors to promote the use of stucco. Stuckbema’s projects include the Grand Hôtel Stockholm’s new exterior classical facade, completed in 2018, the Naval War College Skeppsholmen Stockholm and numerous others, viewable on their website and bespoke site for plaster stucco.

Originally founded in 1920, Stuckbema has played a vital role in promoting the art of traditional plasterwork. In 1969, it was specifically the owner George Degerholm who set about working to promote the use of these traditional skills by engaging with architects and planners.

The use of stucco in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, has grown in recent years, with new areas of application emerging and a resurgence of interest in the use of stucco indoor and outdoors for larger homes, hotels, restaurants and apartments.