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INTBAU Isolation Toolkit

A listing of online resources for those in lockdown.

A special online resource in addition to our existing resource available here.

Latest additions:

Urban Fusion,’ an article by INTBAU’s Executive Director, Harriet Wennberg, for ONE, a free E-magazine 

INTBAU’s Virtual Exhibition Perspectives on a Pandemic

How 2020 Remapped Your Worlds: for City Lab

‘Sociable Distancing’ An essay by Michael W Mehaffy

Living in Harmony with Nature, Ben Bolgar, Senior Director at The Prince’s Foundation for CEBM

Professor Robert Adam’s Time for Architecture Talk for The Architecture Foundation

Traditional Architecture, Objective Beauty, and The Cult of Modernism: Letters from a Contrarian Podcast

Why is the Modern World So Ugly? The Book of Life

2020 Summer School: a city in the center of Europe. MA and Ph.D. students.

Alberti’s Window: art history for all

Online Courses and Lectures:

The ICAA’s 2020 Summer Studio Retrospective, including courses, interviews, an annotated summer reading list, and more – free throughout July.

Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Webinar Series

Urban Design Group talks every Thursday at 17:30 London (GMT) and recorded online

The Smithsonian Magazine: Six Online Courses About Europe to Take Before You Can Safely Travel There Again

The Sustainable Urban Design Series: The Prince’s Foundation

Timber Research And Development Association: key timber-related resources, publications, species sheets and Eurocode software (Free for students)

Learning to Look at Western Architecture: University of Oxford (£280)

Free 5 day architectural sketching intensive

Ancient Greek Architecture: Oxford Royale Academy (£30)

Victorian Classicism: Oxford Royale Academy (£30)

Roman Architecture: Yale University (Free)

Age of Cathedrals: Yale University (Free)

Greek and Roman Mythology: University of Pennsylvania (Free)

Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities: Lund University (Free)

The Age of Sustainable Development: Colombia University (Free)

The Meaning of Rome: Notre Dame, IN (Free)

ICAA Certificate in Classical Architecture

Watch the first episode in the online lecture series with Yasmeen Lari and Ar Murad Jamil IAP-RIC “Architecture, disaster management and post covid-19 world”

The Future of Cities After COVID-19: 62 mins (Free)

A free 2-day Transportation & Ecology and Nature, Health & Built Environment webinar recorded on 18 April and 22 April, sponsored by CNU of the Palm Beaches.

Pandemic Urbanism: a virtual symposium on COVID-19 and cities
Hosted by the University of Washington
May 29, 2020, 9am – 5pm PDT

The 3rd Europe Housing Forum: Alireza Sagharchi on cities’ architecture and urban design

The Inaugural Robert A.M. Stern Architects Lecture Alireza Sagharchi – An Architectural Journey: In Search of Tradition

Dealing with COVID-19 in the towns and cities of the global South by Diana Mitlin on the IIED blog

Cities at Risk: How can we manage the impact of the crisis on urban areas? an interview with the World Bank’s Sameh Wahba

Podcasts and videos

Covid City Stories. Episode 3: Four cities, four stories. Why pre-Covid citymaking matters.

City Talks: Richard Florida on the future of cities after the Coronavirus

100 Day Studio: The Architecture Foundation

Material Matters: Grant Gibson

Social Design Insights: the Curry Stone Foundation: In Defense of ‘Slowness’, Designing for Women and Girls, Engaging and Reframing the Refugee Crisis

In Our Time: BBC Radio 4 Architecture and Power, Vitruvius and De Architectura, The Roman Republic

Great Lives: BBC Radio 4: Sir John Vanbrugh, Edward William Godwin, Sir Edwin Lutyens, Charles Sargeant Jagger

National Life Stories, Architect’s Lives: British Library Catalogue and to see list of interviewees follow links here.

A look inside the restoration of Notre Dame cathedral
Roger Scruton
Yasmeen Lari: “Architects can no longer serve the 1%”
Rafael Manzano Prize Winners

Raphael Manzano Seminar and Conference Footage:

The first conference of the Rafael Mazano Prize 2012

The Architecture in the Age of Austerity Seminar 2013

Architecture and Local Identity International Seminar 2014

Architecture and Humanism 2015

Architecture and Traditional Building Crafts International Seminar 2016

Architecture and Place Making International Seminar 2017

The Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage International Seminar 2018

New Vernacular Architecture International Seminar 2019.

Cave of Apelles: conversations about aesthetics, myths, and philosophy.

Leon Krier: Interviews and Discussions

Robert Adam: Defining Tradition (part 1 and part 2 here)

Classical Tradition Conference Footage

Gresham College Lectures


ICAA Online Courses/Resources:, rare books archive, The Classicist

ADAM Architecture: research, education, publications

Robert Adam Architecture

Rafael Manzano Prize for Traditional Architecture

Driehaus Prize and competition webpages

CNU, Congress for the New Urbanism 

RIBAPIX: RIBA digitised image library

Fourth Door Review: Unstructured Online Magazine 1-9 and Roots Architecture

uncube: architecture editorial

New Traditional Architecture

Arkitektur Upproret

Thomson Reuters: PLACE

Lutyen’s Trust Exhibition

INTBAU USA Resources

Clem Labine’s Traditional Building Magazine

Bibliotheca Orientalis Attilio Petruccioli: Library of the Centre for Environmental Studies in Islamic Countries

JHNA: Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art

Anno 1900: Art Nouveau in the Netherlands

New Traditional Art

Academy of Classical Design

Florentine Academy of Art

Museum Exhibitions (Virtual)

John Soane Museum Digital Archive

The Wallace Collection highlights

Pinacoteca di Brera – Milan

Galleria degli Uffizi – Florence

Musei Vaticani – Rome

Museo Archeologico – Athens

Prado – Madrid

Louvre – Paris

British Museum – London

Metropolitan Museum – New York

Hermitage – San Pietroburgo

National Gallery of Art – Washington


British Library

Met Publications



Research Gate



CLASSICISM AT HOME: Architecture of Alireza Sagharchi.

Time For Architecture: On Modernity, Memory and Time in Architecture and Urban Design by Robert Adam

Architect Nili Portugali’s book A Holistic Approach to Architecture

Recently published: Julia Watson’s Lo Tek: Design by Radical Indigenism

Compiled by Juliette Butler with help from Carla Marchesan, Dr Matthew Hardy and Alexander Dowthwaite.

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