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INTBAU Summer Series

The Summer Series seeks to engage and educate and is open to all.

The Covid-19 crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the world, and to learn from one another’s local and traditional methods of designing and building for a sustainable future.

We have launched a three-month series of online events to showcase the inspiring work taking place to improve built environments around the world.

The series will include 6+ sessions on the work of members of our network of Practitioners and Young Practitioners (in collaboration with the Traditional Architecture Group) and sessions on sustainable building materials, training and techniques.

All sessions are recorded.

Session 6: George Saumarez Smith in conversation with Diana Yu for INTBAU’s Summer Series. Both George and Diana reflect on their own careers and on the various paths one can take to become a trained classical or traditional architect.

Session 5: Melissa DelVecchio in conversation with Professor Aimee Buccellato for INTBAU’s Summer Series.

Session 4: Hugh Petter of ADAM Architecture for INTBAU’s Summer Series

Session 3: Ethan Anthony in Conversation with Sarah Goss for INTBAU’s Summer Series

Session 2: Alex Sparrow of UK Hempcrete for INTBAU’s Summer Series

Session 1 : ICTP member Mohamad Hamouié, Yasmine El Majzoub of Terrachidia and INTBAU Spain’s Chapter chair, Alejandro García Hermida, discuss the importance of education, craft and traditional skills central to architectural practice in the Mediterranean, the Gulf and beyond for INTBAU’s Summer Series

To enquire about getting involved in a talk in any series, please email