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Enhancing Public Appreciation for Traditional Architecture in Mexico

A look back at the Drawing Workshops organised by INTBAU Mexico, aiming to enhance public appreciation for traditional architecture.

In keeping with one of INTBAU’s core goals of growing and nurturing the network of those who design, make, maintain, study, or enjoy traditional building, architecture, and places, INTBAU Mexico organised a series of open drawing workshops in the vibrant capital of the country, aiming to enhance public appreciation for traditional architecture.

Members of all ages and backgrounds, including children who were delighted with the experience, came together to explore the city’s rich architectural heritage, featuring a variety of styles such as neoclassical and churrigueresque.

Open Drawing Workshops, organised by INTBAU Mexico

Sketch by a talented 9-year-old who joined the activity.

Facing the globalisation of architecture and urbanism, INTBAU Mexico is committed to supporting both the conservation and restoration of architectural heritage, which safeguard the country’s identity, and the creation of new traditional buildings and places that provide people with more livable, comfortable, beautiful, and harmonious spaces. Visit INTBAU Mexico’s website.