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Council for European Urbanism (CEU) Symposium and Annual Meeting

“The Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

Immediately preceding the INTBAU conference on 5-6 July – ‘Heritage, Place, Design: Putting Tradition into Practice’

As the United Nations’ “New Urban Agenda” moves into implementation, many questions remain about the model(s) of urbanisation that will actually be used for implementation. Will we employ timeless, proven, human-scale models, as the CEU and its allies have advocated – or daringly innovative, experimental, avant-garde ones? What are the implications? Whose interests are served by a more avant-garde approach – a broad cross-section of the people who will live there, or a much smaller group of economic interests who benefit most from expensive real estate developments? Are more diverse models of urban development, more rooted in local ecology and history, more likely to achieve, social, ecological and economic goals?

If the latter (as we will discuss), what strategies will we use to advance the implementation? We will look at several emerging case studies including Paris, France, where a conventional model of “starchitecture design” is beginning to transform the skyline. Is that approach likely to help with housing affordability, sustainability, and economic development, as boosters claim? What is the evidence, and how can it be disseminated?

This will be a joint symposium and meeting between the CEU and INTBAU, with representatives from other allies and partners.  Space is strictly limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please email to Michael Mehaffy, co-organiser, at to be placed on the attendee and/or waiting list.

Please note that a modest fee of 10 EUR per person will be charged to cover venue and refreshments expenses.

Time: Tuesday 4 July 2017, 12:00 PM – 19:00 PM
Location: Hotel Sempione, Address: Via Finocchiaro Aprile, 11, 20124 Milano, Italy
(Near Milano Centrale rail station)
Fee: 10 EUR per person to cover venue and refreshments


(Subject to modification)

12:00 Optional Lunch

13:00 Welcome and Introductions

13:30 The New Urban Agenda – briefing on a historic opportunity for traditional urbanism

Moderator: Michael Mehaffy, Academic Chair, Future of Places, and Chair, INTBAU College of Chapters

14:30 Paris Case Study: What can we learn from a “teachable moment”?

Moderator: Mary Campbell Gallagher, Chair, International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris

15:30  Break

16:00  The challenge of education: What is the path to needed reform?

Moderator: Joanna Alimanestianu, Co-founder, Council for European Urbanism

17:30  Partnerships and strategies: INTBAU, CEU, TAG, Ax:son Johnson and others

Moderator: Audun Engh, Secretary, INTBAU College of Chapters

19:00  Close

20:00  Optional dinner