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Statement to the Network – Governance Updates and Changes

After an internal review of governance and operations, the trustees of INTBAU are pleased to announce that three new members of our global community will be appointed to the board. Improved international representation on the board will bring additional knowledge and skills that will strengthen INTBAU’s mission to promote traditional building, architecture, and urbanism. 

The new board members will include a permanent seat for the elected chair of INTBAU’s College of Chapters. This position is currently held by Professor Tomasz Jeleński of INTBAU Poland. For the appointment of the two additional members, INTBAU are running an open recruitment process. All are welcome to apply, with more details on our website here.  

In January 2023, once all three new board members are in place, a new chair of INTBAU will be elected. Current trustee Mary Rose Gunn has been appointed as interim chair until January.

As part of these changes, INTBAU announces the departure from the board of Robert Adam, who has been involved in INTBAU from its beginning and been its chair for 21 years.  The chapters, staff, and trustees of INTBAU are grateful for the immense contributions made by Professor Adam over the many years since INTBAU’s foundation.

INTBAU was founded 21 years ago by The former Prince of Wales, to connect, focus, and make more visible the traditional architects and urban designers then working in isolation across the world. From the beginning, INTBAU has been an organisation that balances a global structure with a focus on local traditions of building, architecture, and urbanism. We believe that these traditions help to create places to live which are kinder on the planet and strengthen the communities to which they belong. 

Since 2001, INTBAU and its chapters have organised several hundred summer schools, workshops, training programmes, charrettes, live builds, lectures, debates, study tours, awards, competitions, scholarships, and exhibitions.

INTBAU’s network has grown to include 39 chapters, +8,000 members in more than 100 countries, and 80 peer-reviewed professional members – and counting.

In 2022, the crises and opportunities associated with globalisation, rapid urbanisation, and climate change are felt worldwide. Set against this backdrop, INTBAU’s Mission and Vision and the work of its growing global network are more important than ever.

Anyone who supports our Charter can join INTBAU for free.  We hope to grow our support to promote, continue, and adapt the building traditions that can create better places to live for everyone.