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Historic Mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa: from Timbuktu to Zanzibar

Stéphane Pradines to deliver short lecture at the Garrison Chapel, Chelsea, to celebrate the publication of his recent book.

Please sign up at this link you plan to attend the book launch in person.

Date: 7 December 2022

Time: 6pm GMT

Location: Garrison Chapel, Chapel Barracks, 8 Garrison Square, London, SW1W 8BG


This book is the first comprehensive synthesis on mosques in sub-Saharan Africa, bringing together sites from more than twenty states from sub-Saharan Africa; and more than 285 monuments, from the IXth to the XIXth centuries. This monograph is divided into three large geographical areas, from the earthen mosques of West Africa, to the Nile Valleys and the Horn of Africa, and to the Indian Ocean shores and Swahili coral stone mosques. This book is a statement that African mosques are unique in the history of Islamic architecture, and they belong to our World Heritage; and these monuments demonstrate cultural links with North Africa, Arabia, Persia and India.

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Stéphane Pradines is an archaeologist and Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the Aga Khan University in London. He was the Director of the excavations of the Walls of Cairo in Egypt and many other excavations in the Indian Ocean (Coral mosques of the Maldives) and East Africa (Gede in Kenya, Songo Mnara, Sanje ya Kati and Kua in Tanzania; Dembeni and Mutsamudu in Comoros). He is the author of Historic mosques in sub-Saharan Africa (2022), and the editor of Earthen Architecture in Muslim Cultures (2017) and Ports and Forts of the Muslims. Coastal Military Architecture (2020).

Image: Great Mosque of Djenné
(c) Andy Gilham –, CC BY-SA 3.0,