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INTBAU is launching a small grants programme to provide funding support for grassroot projects that test ideas rooted in local responses to climate and contex

The charity will award small grants of up to £5,000 to proposals for new or existing plans to support, advance and adapt building traditions around the world.

Calling all academics, craftspeople, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, start-ups, or small business owners.

United Kingdom, London – 28th August 2023 – INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism) is pleased to announce the launch of its Grassroots grant programme that provides funding for projects that test ideas rooted in local responses to climate and context. In the first round, INTBAU will award grants of up to £5000 to applicants with the greatest potential create impact in this space.

According to UN-Habitat and World Bank figures, the demand for housing and infrastructure is increasing. By 2030, up to three billion people will need new housing and basic infrastructure. The most sustainable, indigenous, traditional, local, and vernacular design solutions have much offer but often don’t make it to the mainstream.

INTBAU is seeking proposals for new or existing projects that support, advance, or adapt local building traditions around the world. Grant will be awarded in January 2024. “We encourage you to apply, even if your idea is not fully developed yet.” Added Juliette Butler, Network and Projects Manager at INTBAU.

The Application and Selection Processes 

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their initial application of up to 3 pages of text or a video of up to 3 minutes addressing 5 key points: 1. their idea; 2. how it offers a solution to built environment challenges in the local context; 3. why they are the right person/people to take this forward; 4. How much funding they need, and what they’ll spend it on; and 5 .how their project has the potential to create longer term impact.  

The deadline for submissions is 12:00 AM, UTC on Friday, 17 November 2023. Applications must be submitted to 

Applicants unsure about the suitability of their project can join a Q&A session with INTBAU’s team in mid-October. INTBAU can also support applicants with submissions when English is not their first language. 

For more information about the Grassroots grants programme, the categories, requirements and types of projects welcomed, please visit Grassroots | INTBAU; or get in contact on: 


Founded by The former Prince of Wales in 2001, INTBAU is a global network of architects, planners, students, and the wider design community who use traditional building materials and techniques. We promote places to live which are kinder on the planet and strengthen the communities to which they belong. 

An important part of INTBAU’s mission is to engage the enthusiasm of young people, who are eager to learn the principles of traditional building and architecture to build sustainably but lack the knowledge to do so. 

Our rapidly changing world desperately needs architecture for everyone which fits local surroundings causes the least possible impact on the environment and generates an attachment to place. We exist to make it happen. 

With 22 years of experience behind us, INTBAU now operates in 40 countries. 

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