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A message from our patron to open the INTBAU events in Pakistan

On the first day of the conference, Yasmeen Lari is presented with a World Habitat Award, and HRH The Prince of Wales addresses participants in a video message.

This year’s INTBAU conference which is running from 14-18 November, has the very topical focus of green sustainable architecture. The conference is being hosted by our Pakistan Chapter and the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan. This year’s programme is incredibly diverse and will include talks, workshops and practical demonstrations. Participants will learn about the production of ceramic tiles or kashi, methods of natural disaster preparedness and recovery and will be shown how to build earthquake-resilient homes from bamboo, earth and thatch.

On the first day, representatives from numerous organisations will be speaking on a broad range of topics, ranging from post disaster reconstruction and humanitarian architecture to heritage management, and the importance of recognising indigenous architecture in countries like Australia.

In the afternoon, humanitarian architect, Yasmeen Lari, will be presented with a World Habitat Award for her work for the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan. For those who are unfamiliar with her work, Yasmeen Lari is the CEO of the Heritage Foundation and she has been the driving force behind much of the preparations for this year’s INTBAU conference at the Zero Carbon Cultural Centre in Makli.

The World Habitat Awards are awarded every year to highlight outstanding and revolutionary housing projects across the globe. Yasmeen has been chosen for her work in helping to deliver over 40,000 chulahs that have greatly improved the livelihoods of over 300,000 Pakistani citizens. These traditional stoves are re-designed using lime mortar and  incorporate chimneys, which reduces the harm that smoke emissions cause to women and young children.

Shortly after the ceremony, a video message from HRH The Prince of Wales will help inaugurate the new INTBAU Training and Resource Centre.

HRH supported the building of The INTBAU Training and Resource Centre through the generous support of The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Fund.

For more information about the Training and Resource Centre, and the plans for its future use, please see here. For more details on the INTBAU conference and the past programme of events, please see here.