The final programme for the INTBAU International Conference, taking place in Karachi and Makli from 15-17 November 2020.

INTBAU International Conference and Workshops

Thursday 14th November – Arrival in Karachi

Friday 15th November 2019

Session 1

INTBAU Presentations
10.15-10.25 Shanaz Ramzi (Jt. Secretary, INTBAU Pakistan)

Welcome remarks

Introduction of delegates

10.25-10.40 Overview of INTBAU from Robert Adam and Harriet Wennberg
10.40-11.20 Overview of INTBAU chapters’ work from Duncan Cave and Hamdan Majeed (Malaysia), Asad I.A. Khan (Pakistan), Tomasz Jelenski (Poland), Telma Ribeiro (Portugal), Alejandro García Hermida (Spain), and Christine Franck (USA)
11.20-11.35 Eric Cesal (Curry Stone Foundation)

Post-disaster reconstruction and humanitarian architecture

11.35-11.50 Dr Laura Tedesco (US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Heritage)

Heritage management in Pakistan and Afghanistan

11.50-12.05 John Darlington (World Monuments Fund)

WMF approach and World Monuments Watch global list of endangered sites

12.05-12.20 Laura Jones and Vernon Rapley (V&A Museum)

Introduction to global ‘Culture in Crisis’ project

12.20-12.35 Dr Shaneen Fantin (University of Queensland, Australia)

Recognising Indigenous architecture in Australia: traditional and contemporary

12.35-12.50 Dr Louise Cooke (York University, UK)

Introduction to Earth Building UK & Ireland

12.50-13.00 Samie Iqbal (researcher)

University of Liverpool’s Centre for the Study of the Architecture and Cultural Heritage of India, Arabia & the Maghreb (ARCHIAM)

13.00-13.10 Kamran Lashari (Director General, Lahore Walled City)

Introduction to Lahore’s walled city project

13.10-13.25 Jeremy Cross (The Prince’s Foundation) and Ar. Fauzia Qureshi (ICOMOS Pakistan)


Friday 15th November 2019

Session II

15.30-15.40 Yasmeen Lari (CEO Heritage Foundation & Founder Chair INTBAU Pakistan)

Welcome address (with slides)

15.40-15.45 Murad Jamil  (Hon. Secretary, INTBAU Pakistan)

Introduction to INTBAU Pakistan (speech)

15.45-15.50 Sindh Government Representative

Welcome remarks (speech)

15.50-15.58 David Ireland (Executive Director World Habitat Awards)

Importance of World Habitat Awards (with slides)

15.58-16.03 State Minister for Climate Change

Remarks (speech)

16.03-16.20 Harriet Wennberg (Executive Director INTBAU)

Introduction to INTBAU

Robert Adam (Chair INTBAU)

Introduction of video message

HRH The Prince of Wales Video message

16.20-16.30 World Habitat Awards

Presentation of World Habitat 2018 Trophy

16.30 President of Pakistan


Inauguration of INTBAU Training and Resource Centre built with assistance from

HRH The Prince of Wales

17.00 Refreshments

Tour of Zero Carbon Campus

Display by Lahore Walled City Authority, INGO ACTED, and others

17.45 Makli World Heritage Tour

Saturday 16th November 2019

Session III

09.00-09.05 Recitation from the Holy Quran
09.05-09.10 Murad Jamil (Hon. Secretary, INTBAU Pakistan)

Welcome remarks

09.10-09.20 Hon’ble Mr. Sardar Ali Shah, Minister for Culture, Government of Sindh


09.20-09.45 James Green (Richard Griffiths Architects) – Zero Carbon ateliers

Lisa Skillen (Ceramist Australia) – Glazed ceramics and terracotta ateliers

Celeste Sangster (World Habitat) – Pakistan Chulah

Gwynn Jenkins (Malaysia Researcher) – Heritage safeguarding

Sadia Fazli (Registrar PCATP) – Engagement of students

Introduction of Facilitators for Workshops

09.45-13.00 Artisans’ Ateliers

Demonstrations by artisans and hands-on work

·         Earth wall techniques

·         Earth plasters

·         Thatching technique

·         Lime slaking methods and mixing

·         Bamboo techniques

·         Prefabricated panel-making

·         Erection of LOG (Lari OctaGreen)

·         Preparation for terracotta/kashi (ceramics)

·         Painting, Glaze application, finishing for terracotta/kashi products

·         Traditional kiln firing

·         Making organic earth for plantation

·         Box plantation, Azzolla and green fodder

·         Mother earth products: organic briquette for fuel, natural soap,                    bamboo charcoal toothpaste, organic compost

·         Pakistan Chulah making and decorating

Heritage and Community Engagement

Demonstration and hands-on work at 17th c. tomb of Munir Maghfoori

·         Scientific cleaning of stone elements using natural soap

·         Ground cleaning

·         Repairs and stabilization of stone graves

·         Use of lime

Saturday 16th November 2019

Session IV

14.00-14.10 Ar. Nayyar Ali Dada (Founding Partner, Nayyar Ali Dada Associates)

Architecture in Pakistan

14.10-15.00 Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmad (Dean NED University)


All participants – National and international delegates and students

General discussion

15.00-15.50 Presentations by Workshop Facilitators

Ar. Ramiz Baig, Ar. Shahid Khan, Ar. Arif Belgaumi, Ms. Safeeyah Moosa, Prof. Dr. Samra Khan, Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem, Ar. Saba Samee, Ar. Azhar Sualehi, Ms. Wafa Shah, Ar. Mujahid Sadiq, Mr. Tapu Javeri, Ar. Moyena Niazi, Ar. Marvi Mazhar, Ar. Mariam Ghaznavi, Ar. Irtiza Ahmed, Ar. Sofia Mir, Ar. Mohd. Esa, Ar. Hashim Ashraf

Ar. Shama Usman and Ar. Ejaz Ahed


15.50-16.00 Ar. Yawar Jilani (Partner ARCOP)

Conclusions and Way Forward


Arrival (expected) of Chief Minister, Government of Sindh

Received by Yasmeen Lari, Asad I.A. Khan and Murad Jamil

Recitation from the Holy Quran

16.35-16.40 Ar. Khadija Jamal (Chairperson IAP-BAE and Member Executive Committee INTBAU Pakistan)

Welcome Remarks

16.40-16.45 Ar. Arif Changezi (President Institute of Architects Pakistan)

Engagement of architects in development

16.45-16.50 Ar. Amir Nazir Chaudhry (Vice Chairperson (Architecture) PCATP)

Architects and planners role in meeting SDGs

16.50-16.55 Harriet Wennberg (Executive Director INTBAU)

Way Forward

16.55-17.00 Ms. Safeeyah Moosa (CE Spiritual Chords, South Africa)

Zero Carbon for Africa

17.00-17.05 Ar. Yasmeen  Lari (CEO Heritage Foundation of Pakistan)

Makli and Local Communities

17.05-17.30 Mementoes and certificate award ceremony

Chief Minister, Government of Sindh

Address- Hadi Ali Rizvi (Member Executive Committee INTBAU Pakistan)

Vote of Thanks

Sunday 17th November 2019

10.00-11.00 Exhibition opening:

Chief Secretary, GoS; British Deputy High Commissioner; Robert Adam (Chair INTBAU), Harriet Wennberg (Executive Director INTBAU); Hamdan Majeed (Executive Director Think City)

Karachi’s Historic Architecture and Malaysia’s Colonial Period. Participating photographers: Amean J, Tapu Javeri, Future Architects

11.30 Recitation from the Holy Quran
11.35-11.40 Tariq Qaisar (Member Executive Committee, INTBAU Pakistan)


11.40-11.45 Hon’ble Asad Umar (Chair, Standing  Committee on Finance, Revenue  and Economic Affairs)

Opening remarks by Chief Guest

11.45-12.00 Prof. Pervaiz Vandal (Author and Rector, Institute of Art and Design, Lahore)

Keynote Lecture – Colonial Architecture: Case Study Lahore

12.00-12.20 Duncan Cave (Chair INTBAU Malaysia / Think City)

Keynote Lecture – Malaysia and British Period Architecture

12.25-12.45 Yasmeen Lari (Member of CHF International Advisory Committee)

Introduction to the Commonwealth Heritage Forum – on behalf of Philip Davis (Chair CHF)

12.45-13.20 Ameena Saiyid, Muneeza Shamsie, Iftikhar Shallwani, Tapu Javeri, Sharmeen Chinoy, Nighat Mir

Discussion Panel

13.20-13.30 Session Chair

Concluding Remarks

Conference Ends

Sunday 17th November 2019

14.30-15.30 INTBAU College of Chapters meeting
15.30 Tour of Karachi