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2022 INTBAU World Congress

Find out more about INTBAU’s 2022 World Congress and catch up with the sessions online.

How We Build from Here

INTBAU World Congress 2022: How We Build from Here

24th – 25th March, Royal Society of Arts, London

The INTBAU World Congress is a biennial forum which brings together global perspectives and knowledge for discussion and debate of pressing issues and #difficultquestions facing the built environment in communities around the world.

Over four sessions entitled WordsMaterials, People & Planet and Case Studies, the 2022 Congress brought together voices from across professions and global contexts for two days of presentations, discussion panels and case studies. Speakers explored the ways in which we can learn from the past to act in the present out of concern for the future, focusing on how we build from here by asking ‘what with?’ and ‘who for?’.

‘What with?’

Session 1 – Words: Featuring Adrian Forty, Barnabas Calder, Peter Clegg, Mina Hasman and Michael Pawlyn.

Session 2 – Materials: Featuring Kiran Pereira, Malvika Metha, Alex Sparrow, Rowland Keable and Antiopi Koronaki

‘Who For?’

Session 3 – People & Planet: Featuring Yasmeen Lari, Marina Tabassum, Anupama Kundoo and research scholarship student Ema Ziya.

Session 4 – Case Studies: Featuring Caroline Stanford, Catriona Forbes, Lettice Drake, Yitagesu Tekle and Marcel Vellinga

For more information on the programme, please visit the Congress website

Session recordings are now available on the INTBAU Youtube channel