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Workshop on Regeneration Report: Project TAAR-2

Conservation and interdisciplinary collaboration in Iran.

INTBAU Iran was established in 2007 to give local, national, and international attention to Iran’s unique and rich built heritage and vernacular typologies.

The chapter runs an annual workshop on regeneration each summer, which helps to encourage increased collaboration between professionals, academicians and locals. The workshop also importantly teaches sustainable and traditional building techniques. These techniques include the use of adobe, rammed earth, the application of reed and mud and the building of traditional structures from wood and stone.

This year, INTBAU Iran, Terrachidia, The University of Tehran, Atelier SigmaN and The CatMap group collaborated on the workshop, which took place from 11 to 20 September in Tehran, Natanz, Targhrood and Taar village. 

Sarar watermill was chosen as the case study because of its rural context, history, social significance, and location. The team worked to repair the structure, engaging with local stakeholders and Iran’s legal framework for the protection of cultural heritage.

Almost 60 people participated in the workshop, including more than 30 students, 5 tutors, 14 lecturers, 6 local tutors, 6 local assistants, and local landowners. 

Afterwards, the team created an exhibition that was held in the College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. The exhibition included a timeline of the project made up of photos from each day of the workshop.