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Workshop on Regeneration in Iran

The 11th August deadline for applications to the Workshop is fast approaching.

In association with our chapter INTBAU Iran, a ‘Workshop on Regeneration’ is being run in Iran this September.

Through forging links between professionals, academicians and locals, this summer school will be highly practical and encourage social integration. The course may be of interest to architecture students, urban design students and other individuals within the conservation and heritage professions who are able to demonstrate an interest in learning more about sustainability and traditional building techniques. These techniques include the use of adobe, rammed earth techniques, applying reed and mud and building traditional structures from wood and stone.

The course will consist of lectures and hands-on workshops in the village.

Applications close on 11th August 2019. Interested candidates can email a cover letter (Persian / English – Max. 500 words), CV
and a Micro Portfolio of their works (optional) to

The following tutors will be in attendance, and more information about the course can be found on the Workshop on Regeneration website.

1. Arezoo Khazanbeig, Architect, Conservation
2. Niloufar Ghobadi, Architect, Construction and Material Research
3. Sonia Beygi, Architect, Earthen Architecture
4. Nima Tabrizi, Architect, Sustainable Design

Key Lecturers:
1. Alejandero Garcia Hermida, INTBAU, Spain
2. Raquel Pena Lopez, Terrachidia, Spain
3. Carmen Moreno Adan, Terrachidia, Spain
4. Shirin Farhad, INTBAU, Iran
5. Mohammad Darvish, Iran
6. Faramarz Pasi, Emarat-e-Khorshid, Iran
7. Kaveh Mansouri, IranRural, Iran
8. Pouya Khazaeli Parsa, Esfahak Mud Center, Iran
9. Hossein Pourahmad, Ticheng Nobandegan, Iran