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Virtual Walking Tours with the Network

Tired of lockdown? The global pandemic has inspired us to commission online virtual walking tours from our network of international chapters around the world.

We’d love you to send us your tour, which could focus on a particular building as a case study or on an entire district in your local area. We ask that these videos, which are easily created on Google Maps Street View, or in person, be no longer than 10-15 minutes.

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INTBAU Afghanistan

The Old City of Kabul in 3D, created in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Iconem under the auspices of the British Council – Cultural Protection Fund. More information.


A Walking Tour of Gamla Stan, by Michael Mehaffy of INTBAU Sweden

INTBAU Portugal

A Walking Tour of Porto, by Alexandre Castro Gamelas of INTBAU Portugal

INTBAU Pakistan

The Tomb of Jam Nizam al Din and the Samma Monuments. More information


Euston Road Urbanism: a walking tour by Dr Matthew Hardy
The City of London with Professor Peter Rees.