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International Convention on Traditional Architecture and Urbanism

From 25th to 27th November 2023, in Qatar, experts, practitioners, and policymakers from around the world will convene to explore the revival of traditional craftsmanship, urbanism, and architecture.

    Event Information

  • 25-27 November, 2023
  • Heenat Salma Farm, Qatar

Scaling Up Traditional Architecture and Urbanism

25-27 November, 2023

Heenat Salma Farm, Qatar

We are pleased to announce the upcoming International Convention on Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, a flagship event organized by Caravane Earth Foundation and INTBAU Qatar.

Leading experts, seasoned practitioners, and influential policymakers from around the world will congregate at this event to engage in insightful discussions and explore workable solutions for scaling up traditional craftsmanship, urbanism, and architecture.

At the core of any sustainable built environment lie three fundamental principles: philosophy, materials, and craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from time-honored practices, guest speakers and participants will explore how to revive traditional practices that have shaped socially, environmentally, and economically robust cities, to address today’s challenges.

Scaling up traditional architecture and urbanism is a multifaceted endeavor that demands an in-depth and meticulous analysis of the architecture and construction value chain. Together, guest speakers and participants will identify the challenges and opportunities to establish strategies and frameworks for the advancement of traditional architecture and urbanism on a global scale.

During the convention, discussions will focus on these key areas:

– Policy, law, and regulation.

Aimed at providing participants with a clear view of the law-making process in the sector of Traditional Architecture and Urbanism. Expected outcome: empowering participants with tools and methodology to engage in policy development and advocacy aiming at expanding Traditional Architecture and Urbanism.

– Sourcing, supply, and manufacturing of natural materials.

What steps are involved in transforming natural materials into construction materials? How can we guarantee a steady supply of these natural commodities and what is their availability? The management of natural resources and maintaining their accessibility are major problems impeding the return of traditional architectural building methods.

– Vocational training, educational programs, and guilds.

The topic will explore the best education models to keep traditional practices alive and accessible, facilitating knowledge transfer and proper recognition from a wider audience. The discussion will also address how to implement accreditation, the availability of research facilities, and encourage education investment.

Other topics include:

– Economic, social, and environmental analysis.

– Funding institutions and ESG frameworks for supporting traditional architecture projects.

– Advocacy, lobbying, and public relations to create awareness and appreciation.

– The role of architects, designers, and engineers in preserving traditional architecture.

– The availability of master builders and craftsmen, who are the guardians of the traditional architectural DNA.

– The role of real estate development companies in integrating traditional architecture.

– Success stories of real estate developers that have been working on traditional architecture projects.

The convention’s program will feature a dynamic range of sessions, including:

– Plenary sessions with keynote speakers sharing their insights and experiences.

– Talks and panel discussions to delve into specific topics in-depth.

– Workshops to promote hands-on learning and skill development.

– Film screenings showcasing successful case studies, the beauty, and significance of traditional architecture and Urbanism.

– Breakout sessions for interactive and collaborative discussions.

The convention will take place at Heenat Salma Farm, a flagship project and embodiment of Caravane Earth Foundation’s mission. This multidisciplinary project is dedicated to holistic agriculture, architecture, and community engagement methods.

Registration for the convention will open shortly. Stay tuned for updates on the program, speakers, and how to secure your spot at this event on our website: