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Historic England to Survey Listed Home Owners

If you own a listed home in the UK, you might get a letter from Historic England in the next week or so asking you how easy – or difficult – you find it to do things like getting listed building consent for alterations, finding a good carpenter to repair sash windows, and getting the right advice on energy-saving solutions.

The survey is going to a random sample of 10,000 out of the estimated half a million people who own residential listed buildings and results will be anonymised.

“We’re keen to gain an up-to-date insight into what it’s like to be responsible for a listed home,” said Deborah Lamb, Historic England Director of Engagement. “If you get sent a survey, do please fill it in. It will be really helpful to us to hear how you feel about owning a listed building and what the most pressing challenges are. We’ll be publishing the results in December as part of Heritage Counts, the annual audit of the historic environment, and sharing them with the whole heritage sector. As owners, you play a vitally important role in preserving England’s heritage and it’s important we all know how best we can support you.”

For more information on this survey visit Historic England’s website

In the meantime, if you’re looking for advice on repairs and maintenance of an older home, whether listed or not, there is lots of advice on the Historic England website