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Classical Design Workshop

A new opportunity to learn the basics of classical architecture in Oxford, UK.

A new in-person course in classical architecture will start this coming September at the University of Oxford Department for Continuing Education. The course will run from 26 September to 28 November, 2022, and is to be led by tutors Professor Robert Adam, and Dr David Lewis.

Students will be taken through the history and variety of classical architecture through the ages and shown how it is based on ancient principles that have evolved over centuries, up to the present day. This will include an expert tour of classical buildings in Oxford dissecting the way classical principles have been used in their design.

Students will also have a chance to learn to draw some of the key assemblies of columns and beams that provide the aesthetic framework to all classical design and well-known practitioners will explain how they have used these to create their own designs. Students will have a chance to try their hand under expert supervision and take away their own designs.

For more information please see the course website.