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Chance for INTBAU Members to Contribute Photographs to New Book Project

The publisher Thames & Hudson has commissioned INTBAU member Sandra Piesik to compile and prepare a book entitled Vernacular Buildings: A New World Survey. The book’s content is divided into climate zones, and will mainly focus on contemporary studies of vernacular architecture.

Much of the book’s content has already been prepared, with publication expected to take place later in 2014. Sandra, however, would like to ask for submissions from INTBAU members who have photographs of contemporary vernacular architecture in the following parts of the world:

  • Western Russia
  • South Korea
  • North Korea
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • Northern China
  • Central and West Africa

Contributors whose photographs are selected will be given full image credit in the book. If you have images you would like to submit, please contact Sandra directly on Images can be at a lower resolution initially, but will need to be at least 5MB to be included in the book.

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