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The Management and Development of Historic Cities: Havana, 7-8 March 2014

    Event Information

INTBAU Cuba and INTBAU Scandinavia will jointly host a conference in Cuba on 7-8 March 2014, between the study tour and charrette planned for 2-7 and 9-14 March.

Conference Themes

The management of cultural heritage is an issue of the utmost importance for both the developed world and countries with an emergent economy, as it involves many challenges derived from new developments that can affect historic sites.

The conference will present case studies from different regions, countries and continents on the issues of the architectural and urban character of infill projects and urban extensions in historic cities.

It will also address sustainable urbanism and its current practice and importance, traditional urban patterns and their impact on modern urbanization throughout the world, the role of urban planning and architecture in the context of global warming and climate change, and the contextual relationship in the present financial crisis.

The conference will seek to explore the validation of concepts as a follow-up to the critique of the Venice Charter at the 2006 INTBAU Venice conference. See and for further details.

Key current issues in management planning for properties of cultural heritage will be addressed. One of these issues will be “Disaster Preparedness”: the securing of historic cities and preventive conservation against the effects of climate change, extreme weather, earthquakes and other disasters.

The conference will use a working format of keynote speeches, lectures and case studies to achieve a better debate and comprehension of the issues to be exposed.

Conference Dates

7 March: Evening opening session and reception.

8 March: Morning and afternoon sessions.

Urban planners, architects, heritage experts, NGO representatives, practitioners and anybody with an interest in the built environment from all over the world are welcome to participate in this wide exchange of ideas to be held in Havana, and to submit proposals for presentations.

INTBAU Cuba and INTBAU Scandinavia will also organise a Havana Study Tour, 2-7 March 2014, and a Havana Urban Design Charrette, 9-14 March 2014.

Contact persons for preliminary registration and proposals for presentations:

Julio Cesar Perez, INTBAU Cuba
Email:, and

Audun Engh, INTBAU Scandinavia
Address: Thomas Heftyes gate 14, 0265 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47.92 62 26 26