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Online Atlas of Traditional Architecture seeks INTBAU’s cooperation

An invitation to contribute examples and help to develop a useful resource for researchers, architects and students.

INTBAU member, Michael Diamant, has come up with an ingenious way of sharing local architectural knowledge which overcomes language barriers. The Atlas contains a multitude of new traditional projects. The Atlas is also completely free and in a very accessible format.

Michael’s Facebook and blog page “New Traditional Architecture” has provided a platform for discussion and the sharing of knowledge and details on local traditional architecture projects for some years. On the blog page, one can also find a directory of traditional architects from all over Europe and the Americas. In line with this thinking, Michael started the Atlas of New Traditional Architecture this summer.

The Atlas is Map fundamentally a Google Map overlaid with traditional projects. The projects on the map are also colour coded, depending on the quality of the project. Without any special language skills, one can now explore different countries and discover new buildings and the traditional architecture firms responsible for these projects. The map can be useful for research, or just for general interest. While there are already a fair amount of projects on the map, it is still in its early stages and so feedback is vital to its success. Currently, there are four editors. Michael Diamant, Petter Carrington and Tobias Ronge are from Swedem, and Jorge de Azevedo is from Brazil. All INTBAU chapters have been invited to become co-editors of this resource.

Please email Michael with project suggestions. His email is