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International INTBAU Conference in Norway

Now accepting proposals for topics, sessions and partnerships.

Please note: due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, this conference has been postponed. More information and a new date TBC.

The next conference will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of INTBAU. The event will be located both in Oslo and at Ramme Farm, which is located by the Oslofjord just north of Hvitsten in Vestby, Viken, Norway. The conference this coming year will also be hosted by our Norwegian chapter.

Alongside the talks there will also be an exhibition entitled Traditional Architecture and Urbanism in Contemporary Practice: A Global Renaissance.

The conference will cover topics such as:
– Cities (and architecture) for all: Toward a new urban agenda
– Healthy cities after COVID: What have we learned?
– Building Places People Love: Biophilia and Evidence-Based Design
– Climate change and urban design: Looking back and looking forward.
– Wooden architecture: A living and sustainable regional Nordic tradition.

More information will be provided in the coming months. In the meantime, if you want to make proposals for topics, sessions and partnerships, you can contact Audun Engh, president of INTBAU Norway, at:

Current partners:

– INTBAU Sweden

– Create Streets, UK

– International Making Cities Liveable (IMCL)

Centre for the Future of Places, KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  Stockholm, Sweden

Ramme Farm