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Hidden Heritage Conference

    Event Information

  • What is hidden heritage?
  • What are the benefits of studying heritage?
  • How do we engage the general public?
  • Hidden heritage has been an overlooked area in both British and International heritage for many years, why has this occurred and should it continue?
  • How can heritage professional’s contribute to a better understanding and engage the general public both now and for generations to come?

Harriet Wennberg from INTBAU will be speaking at the event as well as Dr Matthew Hardy, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Urbanism at The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community. You can see the list of other speakers at the event here.

Further information from the event organisers:

Why are we planning this? we hear you ask!

Well that’s a good point, the answer is complex, we believe that  the appreciation of heritage both in the UK and aboard is well known, but there is a vast part of this field which is overlooked which we generically call “Hidden Heritage”.(HH)

In order to help to improve this situation  we need to understand what HH is?

HH can be different things to different people, some examples follow:  dialect, customs, building crafts and methods overlooked buildings etc etc, 

Is there benefit in studying aspects of Hidden Heritage?

A better understanding of HH may lead to a greater understanding of past events methods and practices and other areas.

We would like to explore how we can engage with the general public.

Find out more about this conference including how to book your place here.