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Design Competition and Tenth Earth Building and Architecture Workshop: Morocco, 11-22 May 2015

The next workshop held in the M’Hamid Oasis, in the South of Morocco, will take place from 11-22 May 2015.

The event is organised by Terrachidia, with the collaboration of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the support of INTBAU Spain and the Rafael Manzano Martos Prize.

The programme will include the restoration of the main fortified gate of Snaga ksar, where participants will be able to learn relevant traditional building techniques directly from local masters and then put these techniques into practice in the restoration of the architecture of these oases, all contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

A Design Competition is also being launched to prepare the graphic documentation needed for the Plan for the Touristic Development of the M’Hamid Oasis.  One of the working guidelines of this plan is to develop a Cultural Heritage Guide and Website.

If you are interested, work in a FREE FORMAT PROPOSAL summarising your idea and your way of undertaking it.  It can include examples of the proposed image for the graphic documentation of the architectural elements and urban ensembles, drawings explaining local building techniques, etc.

Send your proposals using any digital format, along with your curriculum vitae and a motivation letter to by Friday 10th April. The winner of the competition will be able to participate in the workshop in the M’Hamid Oasis for free.

For more information on the competition or the workshops please visit Terrachidia’s website or contact them by email