The INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners (ICTP) is a peak international professional body for practitioners in traditional urban design, architecture and the building arts who have produced a sustained output of traditional work of the highest quality over at least five years of practice.


Members of INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners will be limited to practitioners of the highest standard in the academic, professional, artistic, trade, craft and practical activities concerned with building, architecture and urbanism that support the objectives of INTBAU.

Entry to the ICTP is subject to quality assessment by a consistent international Entry Committee, drawn from members of the ICTP and the College of Chapters. Application is by form, submission of portfolio, and payment of a non-refundable examination fee. Each applicant is required to submit a body of work of a high standard, created over a period of at least five years.

The Entry Committee meets regularly to establish a common standard and consistent criteria. A member of the Entry Committee, the ICTP, or an appropriate referee may visit selected buildings submitted for assessment, and the assessment process is documented and audited.

Members of the  INTBAU Committee of Honour (ICoH) automatically qualify for membership of the ICTP by payment of a joining fee. Generally, applications for the ICTP are proposed and seconded by ICTP members, unless nominated by Board members or members of the College of Chapters.


Members of the ICTP benefit as follows:

  • members may style themselves MICTP;
  • an individual website page on the INTBAU website including biography and image gallery;
  • the use of an ICTP-specific logo;
  • a certificate of membership;
  • wide dissemination of the list of members;
  • association with peak international traditional practitioners;
  • recommendations for membership of the Committee of Honour;
  • an invitation to the annual ICTP meeting and/or conference;
  • reduced price at INTBAU conferences.

If you believe that you are eligible to apply to join the ICTP, in the first instance we recommend that you contact INTBAU for advice. You will also need to download the ICTP application form, available at the bottom of this page, which includes detailed instructions.


We have also recently introduced a category of professional membership for young practitioners who do not yet have the required five years of experience for membership of the ICTP. Membership of the INTBAU Young Practitioners (IYP) is open to individuals at the beginning of a career in traditional architecture, urban design, or the building arts. Further information is available by contacting Harriet Wennberg.

Click here to download a PDF ICTP application form.

Click here to download a PDF IYP application form.


  • Ataa Alsalloum
  • Christabel Anderson
  • Cory Babb
  • James Coyle
  • Robert Cox
  • Sarah Goss
  • Thomas Greenaway
  • Robert Kerr
  • Dewi Prysor
  • Mark Santrach
  • Joachim Tantau
  • Diana Yu