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INTBAU Iran is the first chapter of INTBAU in the Middle East and is at the early stages of formation. It aims to establish an extensive network of authorities, practitioners, academics, and supporters interested in considering the importance of a more holistic vision towards the major challenges concerning the historic built environments in Iran.

Through the promotion of INTBAU’s Charter and the support of INTBAU members around the world, the Iranian chapter intends to evolve the mainstream architecture and urban design of Iran towards a more humane, considerate, participatory and environmentally responsible design ethos. The focus will be on drawing together all those with an interest in advancing the values associated with indigenous design principles, sustainable urbanism and conservation of the built environment within the rich diversity of Iran’s traditional architecture and urbanism.

The initial objectives of INTBAU Iran are therefore as follows:
1. Enhance a creative sensibility among public and practitioners towards the role that the principles of traditional architecture and urbanism have to play in the present developments. The merits of traditional and vernacular building, the importance of local character and a sense of place, sustainable development and heritage conservation should be therefore promoted through seminars, conferences, workshops, local activities and publications.

2. Act as an intermediary between the actors and agencies involved in the process of development to adopt an integrated strategic approach in their actions towards the enhancement of traditional built environment. Despite the long history of intellectual and practical considerations and the existence of necessary legal frameworks for the safeguarding of the cultural built environment in the country, the plurality of development agencies within a fragmented system have diminished the effectiveness of their efforts.

3. Facilitate contact and exchange of information and ideas between people interested in promoting INTBAU’s vision, gather professionals with expertise to create a context-specific framework for supporting traditional concepts in new architecture and urban design creations through education, policy revision, studies and activities. The initial step towards the first objective is launched by partnering on an international conference with focus on the Zagros Mountains areas in the west of Iran, where the history of human settlements dates back to several millennia.


We welcome enquiries from individuals and organizations interested in contributing to the network.