Summer School Incubator

If you are interested in running an INTBAU Summer School, join us for our 2024 Incubator programme.

In August 2024, INTBAU is supporting its chapters to develop a summer school programme. Join us from 13 August for six days in the Netherlands and Belgium, as we meet INTBAU chapters that are successfully delivering summer schools as part of our Education offer.

The first round of applications closes on 31 May 2024 so complete an application today.

Open exclusively to INTBAU’s international chapters, the programme will get under the skin of what is needed to run a summer school. It will provide unique opportunities to meet with organisers of our most successful summer schools around Europe and the world, from well-established veterans in the Netherlands and Portugal to relative newcomers in France and Mexico.

A series of focused workshops will provide a window onto the practical questions that make summer schools work. Consideration will be given to curriculum, budget, logistics, marketing and audience. Interviews with current students will uncover their motivations and offer insights into how you could reach the same group for your own initiative.

The programme will conclude in Bruges on 17 August 2024 at a celebration that closes INTBAU Belgium’s summer school programme.

Download the detailed programme here.

Incubator FAQs

If you’d like to join the INTBAU Summer Schools Incubator , please complete the application form included at the bottom of this page. Before completing the application form, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section. For any other questions, please contact us at

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Who is eligible to attend the INTBAU Summer Schools incubator?

In order to attend, participants must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be formally affiliated with an INTBAU Chapter.
  • You must be planning to run an INTBAU summer school in 2025.
  • You must be able to spend 6 days in the Netherlands and Belgium 13-18 August.
  • You must complete the application form at the bottom of this page.
How many people can come on the incubator?

We expect to host delegates from 5-10 chapters on the Incubator. In the interests of space, we will only normally be able to host one representative from each chapter. Please complete an application form if you would like to attend.

What does the programme cost?

We expect the final cost of joining the Incubator to be around £950. This is based on INTBAU covering all costs apart from evening meals and incidentals from the time you arrive in the Netherlands to the time you depart from Belgium. Final costs will be calculated once we have filled the programme. Participants who are not receiving a bursary will need to pay 50% of the cost to secure their place and 50% four weeks before the programme starts.

What financial support is available?

INTBAU hopes to award 2-3 bursaries to join the Incubator programme. Bursaries will be awarded on the basis of need and evidence of concrete plans to run an INTBAU Summer School in the 2025 season. Delegates based in wealthier countries will have to evidence exceptional need to be competitive for a full bursary, but we may be able to award some partial bursaries. There is a question in the application form that will ask about whether you need a bursary to attend the programme.

What is the timeline?

We will close the first round of applications on 31 May 2024. Delegates requiring a bursary must apply before this date. We will communicate decisions in mid-June.

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