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INTBAU-Sweden was formed in 2017, as a new standalone chapter emerging from the wider coalition of INTBAU-Scandinavia.  The chapter previously hosted the annual Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture in close collaboration with the Ax:son Johnson Foundation of Stockholm.

Sweden has a wonderful heritage of both wooden and masonry buildings, as well as splendid pre-20th Century urbanism and architecture in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and other cities.  INTBAU-Sweden is engaged in both promoting the value of the existing built heritage, and protecting it from ill-conceived projects – like the out-of-context Nobel Museum proposal in Stockholm – and in championing the value of heritage patterns in more human-scaled, more livable new developments.

The Sweden Chapter has previously been involved in the Future of Places, a partnership of the Ax:son Johnson Foundation, UN-Habitat, and more recently, KTH University, among others. This partnership is focused on implementing the “New Urban Agenda,” an agreement of all 193 countries to create a new generation of more human-focused, better-quality environments, in part by embracing the lessons of heritage. The Future of Places has brought together over 1,500 researchers, practitioners, officials and activists, representing more than 700 organizations, 275 cities and 100 countries from all around the world.  The Swedish Chapter and its partners welcome the collaboration with other chapters of INTBAU, and with our many allies around the world engaged with seeking better places to live.

The Swedish chapter has recently been reactivated after some years of dormancy and we are looking forward to host several initiatives in the coming future.


Chapter Chair / ICC Delegate — Martin Lindestreng