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Conceiving tradition as an essentially current phenomenon, INTBAU Serbia Chapter was created in 2021 to explore, promote and develop traditional architecture, urbanism, and built heritage. Our mission is to deepen the understanding of traditional architectural solutions, investigate their applicability to contemporary design challenges, and circulate the results among professional and general public members. Recognising tradition as fluid, flexible, everchanging, and inextricable from everyday life – after all, the present is the continuation of the past – our vision is to establish links between the academics, practising architects, and the wider public that will help preserve and shape our built environment for the generations to come. INTBAU Serbia exists to develop an extensive network of practitioners, academics, supporters and authorities, raise public awareness and make substantial changes in education, policy, and practice. In doing so the Chapter promotes a holistic vision of placemaking that encourages beautiful, liveable, peaceful, as well as ecologically and culturally sustainable built environments.


INTBAU Serbia Objectives:

-Education through workshops, summer schools, study trips, conferences, awards and competitions;

-Promotion of traditional architecture and cultural heritage with the help of new technologies;

-Research of the principles of traditional architecture;

-Preservation of local building traditions;

-Exploration of the question of identity through cultural heritage;

-Support of traditional principles of construction and design;

-Discussion of the relations between cultural heritage and social development (i.e. revenue through tourism, international recognition, etc.)

-Networking and hiring experts to help the affirmation of traditional architecture;

-Connection and cooperation within the global network INTBAU.


INTBAU Serbia Activities:

-Scientific and professional lectures, workshops, summer schools, study trips, conferences and competitions;

-Encouraging and support of cultural and scientific research work in the field of traditional building principles;

-Taking care of the preservation of cultural-historical and architectural-urban values ​​of traditional building principles;

-Facilitating cooperation and networking of relevant professional organisations and institutions and organise excursions, visits and exchanges of researchers, scholars and experts;

-Other activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Chapter.


Board members:

Rade Mrlješ

Ana Kontić

Milica Madanović

Renata Jadrešin Milić, Chair


Contact us:

Intbau Srbija