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INTBAU Norway (in Norwegian: INTBAU Norge) exists to bring together practitioners, academics, community leaders and general supporters in order to promote the values of traditional architecture and design, and to find solutions for challenges concerning the built environment.

INTBAU Norway was set up by Audun Engh and Arne Sødal in 2006.


In collaboration with INTBAU Romania, the Norwegian chapter has initiated several workshops in Transylvania, including two Traditional Masonry Summer Schools. Our project partners in Romania have included The Kalnoky Foundation, the ADEPT Foundation and MET- Mihai Eminescu Trust. For several of the annual projects in Romania, the Chapter has received EEA, EU and Norwegian government funding.

Over the years, INTBAU Norway has also organised 11 charrettes in partnership with Norwegian cities and municipalities from 2005-2016.

INTBAU Norway has also been a partner in an EEA-funded heritage preservation project in Budapest, Hungary, 2015 -2016 which involved the restoration of the Zugliget tram terminal for use as a cultural center. The main partner was the Municipality of XII district (Highland) of Budapest.

From 2021, the chapter is the Norwegian partner in four EEA-funded cultural heritage projects in Poland. The Chapter’s partners will be the municipalities in the four Polish cities.

Together with INTBAU Cuba, INTBAU Norway has co-organised several study tours to Cuba, and Urban Design workshops in Havana, the most recent tour having taken place in February 2017.

Study tours of reconstruction projects and new traditional developments have been held in Germany (Berlin, Dresden and Potsdam) in 2010, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Local partners have included the Association Berliner Schloss, the Association Historischer Neumarkt Dresden, and Patzschke Architects.

Paris, London, Rome, Milan and Malta study tours were held from 2011 – 2018. Several of the London tours have been linked to INTBAU Congress in London, including a tour of Poundbury in 2018.

The Chapter also co-organised a study tour to Krakow, Poland in May 2014, linked to a conference organised by INTBAU Poland. INTBAU Norway has held nine annual short courses in landscape painting in Transylvania, Romania. Local collaborators have included the Kalnoky Foundation, the Linzing family, Stiftung Kirchenburgen and Asociaţia CasApold.

The Chapter’s preliminary plans for 2021-2022 include participation in events in Germany, UK, Sweden, Romania, Cuba, France and US. The Chapter also plans to host a conference on urban design and wooden architecture in Norway, 2022 with partner, Ramme Farm.


  1. 1) From one of INTBAU Norway’s short courses in landscape painting, in Transylvania, Romania
  2. 2) A part of the garden at Ramme Farm, built 20-30 years ago by Petter Olsen
  3. 3) A wooden lookout tower at Ramme Farm. Designed by architect Holm Hansen Munthe, and built late 19th century. Petter Olsen moved it to Ramme Farm some years ago.
  4. 4) The new hotel at Ramme Farm, connected to a new museum and art gallery, all built by Petter Olson. It will open in 2021. Enerhaugen architects.
  5. 5-7) Centuries-old wooden buildings, at a mountain farm in the municipality of Ål.