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INTBAU MONTENEGRO is a non-governmental organization, founded by Mirjana Lubarda and based in Cetinje. The Montenegrin Chapter aims to assist local, state and international communities and all other stakeholders whose activities are aimed at preserving traditions and identity, preserving and enhancing cultural heritage and transmitting its authentic form to future generations. The main goal of the association is the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and experience about the value and importance of cultural heritage, the implementation of activities which are aimed at the promotion and development of architecture, urban planning, cultural heritage and the entire society.

Bearing in mind the potentials of Montenegrin cultural heritage, recognition of the need to preserve it in a proper manner is of great importance. Intensive historical events have left us a number of traces of past life – witnesses of social and cultural shifts in the area of Montenegro. Thus through preservation and promotion, raising awareness of local and state community will be the main goal, which will further allow sustainable development.

In order to achieve its vision and mission, INTBAU MONTENEGRO will perform the activities in the fields of architecture, urban planning, town planning, cultural heritage protection, visual arts, culture, design and public advocacy.

These activities will include:

  • Promoting principles and knowledge about the value and importance of cultural heritage, with a tendency to understand the cultural heritage in its broadest sense, as something that contains hints that testify about the activities and achievements of man through time
  • Promoting values through educational and training programs
  • Establishing cooperation with universities and other institutions interested in the cultural heritage in Montenegro and abroad
  • Organisation of scientific, professional and research projects in the fields of interest with all stakeholders in Montenegro and abroad
  • Participation in the development of projects related to the rehabilitation of cultural heritage
  • Architectural examination of the current state of cultural heritage, the collection of documentation and archival materials of the cultural heritage, and systematization of collected data, and compiling of data
  • Creation of protection studies aimed at improving the situation of cultural heritage
  • Provision of consulting services to representatives of non-governmental organizations, local and national communities and all other stakeholders
  • Publishing of printed and electronic material in the fields of its activities
  • Promotion of NGOs activities through multiple means, such as radio, television, public meetings, conferences, publications in journals, books, DVD, etc
  • Organisation of meetings with representative offices from abroad in order to exchange experiences, materials and knowledge
  • Identifying problems, promoting and participating in finding solutions for devastated and endangered localities through specific projects (research, studies, workshops)
  • Performing other activities related to the achievement of objectives of the organisation

Chapter board:
Mirjana Lubarda (Chair)
Milena Latković, architect – conservator
Andreja Mugoša, architect – conservator
Aleksandar Dajković, architect – conservator
Vildan Ramusović, architect – conservator
Milan Jovićević, architect – conservator
Petra Zdravković, archaeologist
Balša Perović, lawyer
Lidija Vujović, sociologist

Chapter contact:
Mirjana Lubarda
Chair, INTBAU Montenegro: