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The Levant, is the name given to the region inland and along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. The term originates from the French word lever, “to rise,” as in the rising of the sun from the east, and is home to a population sharing a common history, culture, ethnicity, language, and cuisine. As the northwesternmost region of the historic Fertile Crescent, the Levant contains some of the earliest recorded civilizations and oldest continuously inhabited communities.

Established in 2022 by Mohamad Hamouié, INTBAU Levant aims to set the grounds for the advocacy of a contemporary revival of traditional building, architecture and urbanism in the Levantine region. The Chapter’s three main goals are to connect, educate and regenerate for the prosperity of a sustainable socio-cultural continuity.



As a network INTBAU relies on the foundation of a strong multidisciplinary association of individuals and organizations. INTBAU Levant seeks to provide an extension to the network within the Levantine Region by means of: 

– Providing a platform for the promotion and ease of accessibility to traditional builders and master craftsmen in the region. 

– Growing the INTBAU following and support of individuals and organizations in the region.

– Bringing together and encouraging dialogue between traditional practitioners, craftsmen, community leaders and the general public.



The dissemination of knowledge accumulated by generations of traditional societies is the backbone of INTBAU Levant’s framework. The Chapter is committed to educating all associates about the importance of INTBAU’s philosophy by means of:

– Engaging and raising awareness of the importance and benefits of INTBAU’s values to academics, students, young practitioners and the general public.

– Introducing and advocating the principles of the INTBAU Charter to governmental departments and community leaders.

– Supporting, fostering and elevating public perception of the traditional building and crafts domain.

– Studying, recording and publishing architectural documentation of built heritage and historic towns in the region.



With the support and collaboration of national ministries and local sponsorships, INTBAU Levant seeks to initiate on-ground regeneration projects that improve local communities’ quality of life and reflect the regional sense of identity as a sustainable alternative to current practices. Various projects may include:

– Preservation and authentic restoration of neglected built heritage. 

– Developing new builds that demonstrate the viability and sustainability of traditional methods of design and construction in our contemporary context.

– Urban regeneration projects that revive whole communities, through preservation, restoration, new developments and public space planning. Providing new job opportunities, improving place value and enhancing the comfort and wellbeing of the local residents. 



Founding Chair: Mohamad Hamouié

Architect | Professor of Practice 

Founder and Managing Principal, Mimar Hamouié.

Member of the INTBAU College of Traditional Practitioners.



Chapter Coordinator: Karim Hamouié

Architect | Associate at Mimar Hamouié