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INTBAU ITALIA is a registered charity in Italy founded by Giuseppe Amoruso and based in Bologna. The charity has developed a number of projects on education, design, arts and heritage documentation. INTBAU ITALIA promoted educational programs, charrettes and academic programs in London, Paris, New Delhi, Jaipur, Chisinau, Barcelona, Famagusta, Matera, Morciano di Romagna, Cisternino, Como, Bologna, Palermo and Pollica held in conjunction with the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (London), Politecnico di Milano, Università di Bologna, Cracow University of Technology, Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta), University of Waterloo (Canada), Council for European Urbanism and many communities and municipalities.

INTBAU ITALIA promotes social innovation, development and transfer of design culture and the documentation of the national cultural heritage, where Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites while Italian is the 4th most studied language in the world, the 8th most used on Facebook and has a potential source interested of 250 million people.
INTBAU ITALIA, also at the proposal of partners, professionals and local communities, organizes academic programs, training courses, study visits on drawing, survey and documentation of places for urban regeneration; further programs are devoted to regional atlases of color, construction with traditional materials and stereotomy.

Annual events include the Italian Tradition Program and the Traditional Arts Program.

The purpose of the Italian Tradition program is to become familiar with the universal culture of Italian history, traditions and places. On site events promote the practice of design and heritage documentation as a paradigmatic knowledge, both tangible and intangible, and continuously inspiring our lives..
Recent workshops were held in Pollica (Salerno, Campania) on the Mediterranean Diet places as celebrated by Unesco and in Cisternino (Brindisi, Puglia) on the regeneration of traditional settlements and the traditional dry-stone dwellings, named trulli, also inscribed in World Heritage Sites.

The Traditional Arts Program offers a series of courses on Italian art and crafts skills related to traditional professions and applied arts, drawing practice, perspective, terracotta, stone, as well as study tours and courses in Italy dedicated to the Masters of art and design.
Our recent activity was the design of a terracotta artwork, creating fourteen icons for a new “Via Crucis” ensemble to be donated to the Catholic Church Regina Pacis of Chisinau. Other recently partnered project was about stereotomy and the traditional art of drawing, design and cutting stone for the creation of architectural elements.

The results of the summer school in London, Morciano di Romagna and Bologna were published in the following books:
Amoruso, G., Mingucci, R. (2006). Rural landscape and architectural quality. Bologna: Patron.
Amoruso, G., Mingucci, R. (2007). Rethinking the city. Projects for a new urban quality. Firenze: Alinea.
Amoruso, G. (2009). Lessons in drawing for a sustainable century. Bologna: Patron.

Giuseppe Amoruso (Chair), Walther Bagnolini, Sebastiano Resta (Treasurer), Giuseppe Fallacara, Ubaldo Occhinegro
Associates: Margherita Bertoldi, Vita Maria Firenze (ITCP), Pietro Lenzini (ICTP), Piero Lusuardi, Giorgina Colleoni