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Island States


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ZA6The Island States Chapter founded in 2015, regroups Small Island Developing States (SIDS). SIDS have a challenge of size as being on the frontline for climate change. The Island States Chapter thus indulges in exploring alternative construction techniques that contribute less to global warming. As more research emerges on traditional systems as used thousands of years ago, we notice that human settlements were built in cohabitation with nature.
The Island States Chapter, pursues goals of documenting buildings with historical and cultural significance in SIDS and works towards the study and promotion of traditional construction systems as a potential alternative for the survival of SIDS

Chapter Chair: Zaheer Allam

Board Members:
1. Tiffanee Lim, Limkokwing University
2. Anil Kumar, National Institute of Technology (Calicut)
3. Gaetan Siew, Global Creative Leadership Initiative
4. Yasin Denmamode, Journalist
5. Brian Whelan, Real Estate