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INTBAU Finland is a national initiative dedicated to better places to live.

The long term objectives of INTBAU Finland are;

– building on collaboration with local, national and international networks, engaging professional and civic activity, lectures, meetings, publications, studies, courses and events.

– disseminating information on good examples of sustainable buildings and built environments adding to timeless beauty, livability and lovability of human settlements, as well as valuing Vitruvian principles, venustas, firmitas and utilitas.

– bringing up research findings on human aspects related to built environments, to enable evidence-based decision-making.

– supporting and preserving the value and character of vernacular and traditional architecture and built heritage, and encouraging non-aggressive, considerate infill, which aims at creating more harmonious places.

Although INTBAU Finland is a new chapter, it will build on and continue the work Marjo Uotila (Chair of INTBAU Finland), initiated a couple of years ago in the context of Arkkitehtuurikapina / Arkitekturupproret in Finland and Sweden, with similar objectives.


Chapter Board:

Marjo Uotila
Chair and ICC Representative