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Costa Rica



INTBAU Costa Rica was established in May 2023. Through the promotion and teaching of traditional architecture, urban planning and construction arts, the Chapter exists to encourage people to study, maintain, restore and give continuity to traditional buildings and urban environments as well as to build new spaces and places that, taking successful and locally loved built precedents as a reference, contribute to improving the quality of life in cities and towns in Costa Rica.

Anyone interested in this objective is welcome to join the INTBAU Costa Rica Chapter here.

INTBAU Costa Rica Objectives

– Disseminate and promote architecture and urbanism suited to tropical contexts, both in educational and professional fields.

– Develop designs and research in the field of tropical architecture.

– Promote education and training in natural heritage, traditional architecture and construction at the local level, to ensure that future generations of architects, designers, engineers and builders have the necessary skills to design and build with respect for our natural heritage.

– Promote interaction and dialogue between professionals, academics and students interested in traditional architecture, urbanism and construction and their impact on the environment.

– Promote traditional construction systems (such as those using wood, bahareque, bamboo, etc.).

– Promote national and international initiatives and projects focused on traditional architecture and urbanism.

– Promote the creation of sustainable and livable communities and cities based on traditional principles of design, construction and conservation.

– Contribute to the realization of designs and urban plans promoting Costa Rican spaces such as parks, which promote the rescue of native flora and fauna.

– Promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in traditional architecture, town planning and construction.

– Promote the other arts as contributors to urban spaces (sculpture, painting, body arts, music, etc.).


INTBAU Costa Rica will raise awareness amongst key officials in Costa Rican cities that traditional buildings and places are more humane, supporting a balance between nature and society. The Chapter will develop traditional knowledge and techniques of tropical architecture, urbanism and construction to improve spaces as places with a more human scale and using local and traditional materials, showing respect for natural heritage and accentuating local identity. INTBAU Costa Rica will become a guiding entity in the rescue of traditional architecture, urbanism, construction and the arts more widely.

Board of Directors

Chair: Adrian Coto

Vice Chair: Yolanda Rivas Araya

Secretary: Jorge Arara

Treasurer: Rafael Oreamuno

Carlos Álvarez
Rocío Agüero
Marianela Jimenez


‘Manual de uso de la madera para la construccion’ Adrian Coto

Sistemas constructivos patrimoniales’- Asline Solano Leiton (Español)

Sistemas constructivos patrimoniales- Asline Solano Leiton [Inglés]

Asline Solano Estudiante di arquitectura en Universidad Latina de Costa Rica