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The INTBAU Brazil Chapter was established in March 2024 and is hosted by the Brazilian Institute of Traditional Architecture (IBAT).

IBAT is a Brazilian association of individuals and institutions dedicated to the development of humanised architecture, based on values and principles that respect local traditions. This initiative aims, above all, to create and promote humane spaces with the power to radiate the sense of belonging, beauty and balance with the surrounding environment.

The Institute was founded in 2023 and intends to be a gathering centre for architects, builders, artists, professors, intellectuals and other people who actively wish to contribute to the quality and identity of Brazilian architecture. Through concrete actions and dissemination of aesthetic, cultural and humanist principles and values, we intend to consolidate ourselves as a reference for traditional architecture and urbanism in Brazil.



Presidency / INTBAU Chapter Chair: Bruno Perenha

Representative to the INTBAU Council of Chapters (ICC): Lucas Lima

Vice President: Patrícia Thomé Junqueira Schettino

Secretary: Isabelle Mattos

Treasurer: Natália Sá

Research Department: Patrícia Thomé Junqueira Schettino

Pedagogical Department: Marcelo Albuquerque Corrêa

Project and Elements Department: Stefano Rabello Moser Vice Director: Fernando Ilidio G. Silva

Heritage and Conservation Department: Késia de Almeida

Urbanism Department: Lucas Lima

Content Department: Bruno Quinaud Minchilo Vice Director: Giseli Souza Grammar Revision: Camila Maria Santos Bernardino

Communication Department: Bárbara de Freitas Valle Vice Director: Marya Eduarda Balsan Lofrano