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Established in 2020, INTBAU Belgium exists to promote traditional architecture, urbanism and building crafts within Belgium to further the principles laid out in INTBAU’s Charter.

INTBAU Belgium seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of traditional design and harmonious neighbourhoods, villages, towns and cities through research, and through the hosting of annual events. Through its activities, the Chapter strives to convey the liveability, beauty and durability of traditional environments and to celebrate the impact that good design has upon the well-being of communities.

INTBAU Belgium also seeks to connect practitioners in the built environment sector so that they may collectively influence policy-making and work towards the making of a better built future in Belgium.

To achieve these goals, INTBAU Belgium forges partnerships and collaborates with organisations to run courses, debates, lectures, workshops and summer schools. The chapter founded in 2019 The Brussels Summer School of Architecture & Crafts. In 2022, INTBAU Belgium moved to the City of Bruges and founded the Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts. With this, the Chapter aims to found a new permanent school in Bruges to train the next generation of builders, architects and craftsmen in the art of building: architecture, urban planning and the traditional building trades.

The Bruges Summer School is a unique place of transmission and learning, a haven for the conservation of know-how and a centre of excellence in architecture, nurtured by craftsmanship and knowledge of history. Here, students discover the rigour of drawing and the rules of composition; they exercise their eyes and their judgement on ancient architectural forms; and they are free to dip their pencils into any era to design an architecture worthy of our own.

Belgium Chapter Board

– Nadia Naty Everard, Chapter Chair and ICC Representative

– Noé Morin

– Carole Depasse