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Australia is a vast and beautiful country that has a culturally diverse heritage, which is made up of many different peoples and their traditions. INTBAU Australia was established to represent, develop and celebrate Australia’s built traditions.

INTBAU Australia also recognises that built traditions are not just historic or isolated in the past. Built traditions are a living and important part of our modern society, helping to foster local identity. INTBAU Australia supports and encourages the contemporary development of traditional building, architecture and urbanism.

INTBAU Australia has members in every State across the country and holds regular meetings and events all over Australia. If you are a professional or just someone who enjoys heritage and tradition and would like to become a member, please click on the ‘Join’ tab above to become part of the INTBAU community.

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Chapter Chair – Justin Hewitt
Deputy Chair – Alexander Dowthwaite
ICC Delegate – Justin Hewitt