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INTBAU Albania Aims:

1) NETWORKING. We develop the international network to share the common wisdom, collective memory and inherent sustainability of traditional buildings and towns, cities and public places, through local preservation, regeneration and new construction.

2) EDUCATING. We partner with other individuals and groups to create educational and post-professional training programmes, workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars, tours, research, and publications, for the promotion of knowledge, skills and awareness. We also partner to develop a range of online options to reach a worldwide audience.

3) CHAMPIONING. We will raise public awareness of threats to local built heritage (old and new) and other urgent issues affecting urban quality of life, using public participation tools including charrettes and workshops for the design and revitalisation of public spaces and towns. We will work to restore continuity in the repository of knowledge, skills and cultures of building.

4) CHANGING. We collaborate with the partners of our network, both between country chapters, and between groups within each chapter region, as well as allied organisations, to make substantial and needed changes in policy, education and best practice.

Frida Pashako (President, Architect/Restorer)

Bledi Dimo (Environmental Engineer)

Julian Papaproko (Public Policy and Advocacy Expert)

Pirro Vaso (Senior Architect)

Jona Osmani (student in Architecture Faculty)